The Importance of Website Design & SEO

The Importance of Website Design & SEO

More than ever, an attractive and user-friendly website is important for all businesses. And as important as the aesthetics of a website are, how well it performs on search engines is crucial. Websites that appear higher in search engine results will get more traffic to their pages. The higher the website ranks usually means more visitors and more visitors means more business!

So how does a website climb higher on Google? SEO is the primary way to increase search engine ranking and drive more traffic to a website. SEO is defined as Search Engine Optimization and the goal of SEO is to increase the quality of unpaid traffic to a website. To make it climb higher on Google, the website is “optimized”. There are many different things that can be done to optimize a website. Because SEO is a creative, analytical and technical process to improve the visibility of a website in search engines, hiring a professional is the best way to improve your search engine ranking.

But, if you are not ready to hire a professional, there are things you can do to optimize your website and improve your website ranking. Because content is key and content discoverability is a major part of SEO, you can help optimize your website by working on the content. These following tips can help to improve your website’s ranking:

Write great content. Writing quality content using strategic keywords will help your website perform better.
Provide enough content. Major search engines (Google & Bing) typically want a website to have at least 300 words on each page.
Update your content! Search engines prefer to see new information on web pages. Adding and changing content is a very simple way to help your SEO.
So how do we know how a website is performing? We use programs to analyze the website traffic. Analytics is a very important tool to track and analyze data to your website. If you would like to see how your website is performing, download Google Analytics. It is a free tool that can track who is using your website, where they are coming from and what pages they are visiting.

At NEO Website Design & SEO, LLC we create to help our clients’ businesses grow. We combine great responsive website design with search engine optimization.